Why should I book my Chernobyl trip with SoloEast Travel

We are one of the first agencies offering tours to Chernobyl and we handle more then 70% of all visits to the Exclusion Zone in a professional, legal and reliable manner


I saw a lower price on the Internet for the similar trips - why should I pay more??

-   Many people call the trip to Chernobyl a lifetime experience. It is expensive mostly because of the cost involved to travel to Ukraine. The cost of the regular tour is only US $89.00 - US $109.00 (student discount is %10) for a full day trip, covering almost 300 km in a comfortable vehicle with an English-speaking guide and other visitors who speak English. We include lunch as well for a very simple reason - there is no place or time to buy a snack during the tour.


-    Who is SoloEast Travel ?

-    SoloEast Travel is an incoming tour operator. To provide travel services to tourists from abroad it is a law in Ukraine that a company has a travel license. A tour operator in Ukraine has an insurance coverage of Euro 20,000 for any unforeseen circumstances. A travel company's staff is trained to assist foreigners in Ukraine and they know what to do if there is a problem - be it a sickness, stolen documents or any legal issue where you may require a local manager who can liaison in your favor with local government.


-    I still want to save $10.00 or $20.00 and I see such an offer on the Internet what should I check before I book such a tour? 

Make sure you deal with a real/legal company (registration, address, etc.)

Check their site well and make sure there are no remarks** that the final price may change without notice;

Ask who will be on the tour with you? The government fee for the Ukrainians to visit the zone is less then for foreigners and the official guide speaks Russian or Ukrainian on such tours.


I booked the tour through a mediator/facilitator who acted on my behalf with the administration of the exclusion zone - what are my pros and cons??

There are mostly cons: so-called facilitators charge you for sending an application for your tour to the Chernobyl authorities and for arranging the transportation.

In most cases they do business illegally. Should there be a problem- you will be more likely dealing with it on your own - as your facilitators would prefer not to be involved.

It's easy to define them by the way they handle payments - they will prefer cash or Western Union payment for their "services" and the legal fee you will pay directly to the office in Chernobyl. So it's up to you to make a right choice.


Is the tour to Chernobyl safe? 

The tour is 100% safe if you follow very simple rules you sign upon entering the Exclusion Zone. You can check them on our website. 


Will my clothes get contaminated? What should I wear? Do I have to throw my cloths away after the tour??

 It is very unlikely that you will get any contamination on your cloths during the tour. There will be a dosimeter control when leaving the exclusion zone; anybody and anything that passes this very sensitive in term of radiation control is clean. 

There is a dress code inside the zone, which is a must; no shorts, no skirts, no sandals and no short sleeves.

We still can enter some buildings with care but not in Prypiat -  where it is completely forbidden because of safety reasons.


Can I stay on the bus during the tour or do I have to be with the group all the time? What if I change my mind and decide to quit the tour? What if I have an emergency?

You can quit the tour anytime before or at the first checkpoint; after that you either have to be with the group or remain on the bus. If you have an emergency you need to get in touch with SoloEast representative - if needed in critical situation you can be airlifted.


I am disabled - can I attend the tour?? What if I am pregnant?

We have assisted many visitors with disabilities in taking the tour. Unfortunately we cannot offer much in term of comfort because of the nature of the area but we do try to help everybody. Please contact us in advance for arrangements. We do not suggest women 5+ months pregnant to attend the tour.